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I started my journey at as an intern. I was part of the platform team that managed GitLab and CI/CD for the entire organization. We worked closely with security and DevOps teams. I had to take a break to finish my master’s degree in IT (and Economics). After graduation, I started as a backend Python engineer, but after some time, I returned to DevOps.

I really enjoy working with tools like Kubernetes, but sometimes it’s a pain 🤣. I am also a fan of security, and from time to time, I participate in CTF (Capture the Flag) challenges. In my free time, I work on my home-lab project where I practice Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps practices.

Currently, I work for company KM as a DevOps engineer. I am also a member of the Cybersecurity Ambassador program there, actively contributing to the safeguarding of our digital ecosystem and working very closely with security engineers.

PS: This blog is open source

Ales Lerch
Ales Lerch
Loves Italian cuisine, scuba diving and self-hosted stuff ✨.