About me

Hi there ? Ales Lerch (axell) here.

I started as an intern at kiwi.com. I worked as part of the platform team that was supposed to manage GitLab CI/CD and security updates. At that time my team already worked with DevOps however I was just a developer (I find it funny I was always close to DevOps). I joined the team as a junior python developer and worked for kiwi for over a year. Unfortunately, I had to take a break to finish my studies.

After finishing my studies I joined a startup called SANEZOO. Their goal is to automate industrialization. Here I started as a Software developer and worked on several apps. My job was developing these apps, maintaining them and running them in docker. After a year I release I need to move on and I tried to ask the boss if can work with the DevOps team.

Working there is such fun and I learn a lot. Our goal is to automate stuff as much as possible. Migrate projects to Docker and Kubernetes. Our infrastructure is mainly IaaS but we want to move some projects to IaC as we think this can benefit both us and our teams.

Working with servers is my hobby and I enjoy it much more than just coding. That doesn't mean I am done with python. I still do enjoy and sometimes I have to write scripts in python or BASH. Being DevOps means taking care of infrastructure, staying invisible, and helping others if needed. My goal is to keep moving and keep learning stuff and I think in DevOps there is always something new to learn.

Since our bodies need to move sometimes I enjoy riding a bicycle and occasionally go play tennis with my friends. Thank you for taking interest in me and hopefully, some posts on this blog can help you. Take care guys!