About me

Hi there and thanks for taking interest about me.

I started as an intern at kiwi.com. I worked as part of the platform team that was supposed to manage GitLab and CI/CD for whole company. We worked close with security and DevOps teams. I had to take a break to finish my master degree.

After graduation I joined a startup called SANEZOO. Their goal was to automate industrialization. I started as a developer however after a year I joined the sysadmins/DevOps team.

Working there is such fun and I learned a lot. Our goal was to automate as much as possible. After docker migration we started migration to Kubernetes. Our infrastructure was 100% on premise. However some tools like registry we used docker hub. Not all tools were self hosted.

Currently I work for company [REDACTED] (I don't want to share because security reasons) as Devops engineer and also as Cyber security Ambassador.