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Helpful guide to write Github issues

Ales Lerch
Ales Lerch
- 1 min read

Issue should be simple and descriptive. Should containe information such as:

  1. OS Version
  2. Problem describtion
  3. Enviroment
  4. How to duplicate (if possible)

How to import (long) logs

For the gods sake if you are importing long... then please don't just import the whole log like blog text. First it's gonna take a lot of space and issue will become quite disoranised thanks to that. And it wont' be easily readable.


You can use following html tags and make it much better.

**Additional context**
<details><summary>PLEASE SEE THE ERROR LOG</summary>
    Super long long long log urgh

And this will look like:

Additional context

PLEASE SEE THE ERROR LOG ``` Super long long long log urgh ```

Cool right? Now please use this everywhere you can. I guarantee you that if you make issues like this you will get much better support from community.

And go and get them! Good luck!