New digs!

Ales Lerch
Ales Lerch
- 2 min read
New digs!

After short few months short break, I finally found time to fix my blog. Last host - azure was not THAT bad. I decided to change and try new technology.

Yep it's Google GCP

And that's how I end up with Google GCP. Google might have some bad history with privacy but their cloud service is good enough for me to use. And for blogging. When I look back a bit, then it's definitely huge step from hosting blog from my home pi. Not that my blog would have that much bandwidth to need cloud for my hosting but I have done this for one main purpose.


Even thought one might ask: "Why not to use or other popular service for blogging?".

Well I dislike this sort of services. Yeah might secure as well, there might be few benefits like most services are free to use. But there are also negative points like these services are likely to be under attacks like ddos like this one.

But hey there are still secure. Plus you can use Cloudflare or Path or many others to protect your platform from this.

But the main purpose for hosting my platform on GCP is to learn how to work with whole platform. And this can be useful. Not just for fun but for work too. I can only recommend to anyone who like to learn new technologies and likes challenge. Sure you can set up you blog via few click but that doesn't give you much right?! And of course depends what purpose your blog is. If it's cooking that I guess you probably don't need something like this.

BUT if you are here and thinking hmm should I make my own blog hosted on AWS/GCP/Azure then sure go for it. It's fun journey and gives you a lot.

Honestly I am going to stay with GCP free tier for while. AWS is way to expensive. And for this blog is micro server tier enough. I am using AWS for some other cool stuff but that later.