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Switch to USB-C came too early on Macs
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Switch to USB-C came too early on Macs

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Those who are using their Macbooks and Macs right know the pain with USB-C. Unless your model is older than 2016 your device is using new generation USB standard. But isn’t it too early?

Whole idea is great. USB-C port gives you the ability to use same port for data transfer, meaning exteranl storage and the same port you can use later for charge the battery. Now that sounds awesome right. Image one of your ports gets damaged but you can still use different for charging your Mac. And that is I guess the key point of this specifc port.

Yeah also good thing is you can use usb hub and for one USB-C port can:

  • Charge battery
  • Use for hdmi to have external screen
  • Charge your iPhone
  • Use external storage

Now that’s even more awesome but…

There are several problems. This device is great until you forget one at home. Let’s say you are at work and you need to connect all you devices like monitor to you Mac, but you can’t. You can’t because modern macs don’t have HDMI port anymore. Or classic USB 2.0 port. Or ethernet. Or SD card slot. Or… …blah blah .

You get the idea.

Also don’t forget that buy quite expensive MacBook which, however to be able to use, with other tools like external monitor, you need usb hub. Yes there are monitors these day that do support USB-C for video out but they are also expesive and usualy when you visit other location (since you have an laptop), there is not very high chance they will have USB-C output for you Macbook.

And that’s the biggest problem. Simply Apple was too early putting this sort of USB port to their products. Apple is well known for this kind of “actions”. We all remember that it was Apple who removed audio jack from their phones and forced their users to use lighting port for audio, data, and energy.

But to give this company some credit I also blabe other technologies for being slow. There should have been already monitors, projectors and other stuff ready for USB-C. If this thing supposed to work, then everything must support this standard.

But who know in few years this might the ultimate standard and we all be using for data, charging simply everything thourgh this port.